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26th SSSC-MSSM-LAWA U14 & U15 International Athletics Championship 2018
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Date News and Announcements
12 Jul 2018 Results for Day 2 ready for download.
11 Jul 2018 Results for Day 1 ready for download.
10 Jul 2018 Changes to some of the names (error in spelling) and some replacements
03 Jul 2018 Changes to MSSM Entry
30 Jun 2018 Event Order and Program ready for download
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School
Due to the nature of the Track, 100m, 80m Hurdles and 100m Hurdles will be using 8 Lanes. The rest of the Track Events will be using 6 Lanes.
11 Jul - Session 1
Thursday 1430hr
Session 01
- Results
12 Jul - Session 2
Friday 1430hr
Session 02
- Results
Schedule & Download
- Rules & Regulations [PDF] Uploaded on 29 Jun 2018
- Number Tag List [PDF] Uploaded on 09 Jul 2018
- Event Order [PDF] Uploaded on 29 Jun 2018
- Event Program [PDF] Uploaded on 09 Jul 2018


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